Yab Yum Music and Arts

By Carly Schorman (11.13.17)

"They are dynamic; expansive. And that’s just two ways to describe the band’s latest album: Amalgamation."


JAVA Magazine

By Mithcell HIllman (12.4.17)

"Their shows seemed to gel instantly, and their sound moved into its latest phase, which is equal parts psychedelia, prog rock and pop, bent toward the heavy end with a serious artistic vision."

"The preview single for this album was “Lunar Treatment,” released last September. It meets the current lineup’s monster rock with an earlier pop melodicism. The effect is something like mid-period George Harrison meeting King Crimson. It’s been one of my favorites in their set for what feels like forever, and it’s ideally placed on the first half of this record."


Kataklizmic Design

By Nick Gonzaga (11.4.19)

"What I do recall was that they played an amazing set in that hot room wearing long sleeves. Spencer beat the drums like they owed him money, and Miles left enough sweat on the stage to put out a fire. Danger Paul kept the rhythm, and Calin Gross shredded faces."